The Gouvernail - Housing instability

The Gouvernail offers housing and a supportive community to men aged 18 and older. Its services address those who want to take control of their life and improve their social and personal well-being.

The intervention team
Support for the residents in their process of social reintegration is provided by a multidisciplinary team trained in psycho-education, social work, addictions, psychology and sociology.

Residents are encouraged to:

  • Develop positive attitudes;
  • Take responsibility and gain control over their life;
  • Integrate into the community.

Goals of the Centre:

  • Gain the trust of residents by giving them the support they need;
  • End social isolation;
  • Encourage group activities;
  • Offer long-term housing;
  • Offer good living conditions in a safe, healthy environment.

Services offered:

  • A private furnished room;
  • A cafeteria and a kitchenette;
  • Three meals a day and an evening snack;
  • Shared washrooms and showers;
  • Laundry rooms without charge for use;
  • Household products and appliances;
  • A computer room;
  • Three television rooms;
  • An emergency clothing stockroom.

Length of stay

The minimum stay is one month, but the length is determined by the needs expressed and the objectives established by the resident and can be ended at any time he wishes. His objectives are re-evaluated every 6 months.

“I arrived after 9 months in a therapy program that I had to leave before I was ready. I ended up living in a shelter. It was alright but temporary and not helpful. I had an interview with the Salvation Army and after just 2 weeks I got a room at the Gouvernail. It gave me the stability and security I needed to continue with out-patient therapy for 3 months.

I’ve always been well treated at the Salvation Army in general and at the Gouvernail in particular. When I was in therapy, my requests were often forgotten or answered at the last minute, causing me unnecessary stress. In my early days at the Gouvernail, I was surprised that my little problems were taken seriously and settled quickly. It was comforting. When I had bigger upsets, they knew how to calm me and give me good advice. The staff workers are always available and support me in my journey. All the staff is friendly. Whether in the kitchen or at the reception desk, they are concerned with our well-being... I find myself very fortunate and am grateful for the help received at the Salvation Army that was there exactly when I needed it. Thank you very much!”

Former resident who stayed more than 6 months at the Booth Centre

“On June 5, 2010, I arrived at the Booth Centre at the absolute end of my rope. I was a compulsive gambler. I had destroyed my home and had nothing but a 60 year-old foundation on which to rebuild my life.

I remember the staff worker who was the first to show me the path to rebuilding my life... He came to open the door to my room because I had forgotten my key. He asked me: ‘How long have you been here?’ When I said it had been 3 weeks, he told me: ‘Stay here, you need to rest.’ I stayed a year and a half. It was good advice. Sometimes a single sentence can have such an impact on a resident...

I’d like to thank all the staff of the Gouvernail for their presence and for their wonderful care...”

A former resident who stayed a year and a half at the Booth Centre

The Salvation Army’s Booth Center
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