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  • 1865: William Booth founds the Christian Mission in London (England).
  • 1878: The movement is renamed The Salvation Army.
  • 1882: The Salvation Army establishes itself in Canada.
  • 1884: The Salvation Army begins its ministry in Montreal.
  • 1897: The Lighthouse Food And Shelter Depot is created on De la Commune Street. This housing centre will be later renamed Montreal Booth Centre.
  • 1949: Creation of the Anchorage program.
  • 1958: Construction of the current building at the corner of Guy and Saint-Antoine Streets.
  • 1970: Creation of a housing program for older and low-income men.
  • 1990: Restructuring of the Booth Centre following the deinstitutionalization of persons struggling with mental health problems.
  • 1997: Integration of the Anchorage program to the Booth Centre.
  • 1999: The mission of the Booth Centre changes from emergency shelter for homeless men to supervised housing program.
  • 2000: Implementation of a housing program as an alternative to rooming houses for low-income men. The program will be later named the Rudder.
  • 2005: Creation of the Delta as a distinct program from the Anchorage, centered on the reintegration of men 18 years of age and older, freed from alcohol and drug abuse, who completed successfully a residential treatment program.
  • 2011: Creation of the Harbour Light, a long term housing program for self-sufficient men 60 years of age and older.
  • 2013: Creation of the Lighthouse, a community support program.
  • 2014: In July, the social reintegration program the Delta ceased its activities, and The Harbour Light has merged with the Rudder.

The Salvation Army’s Booth Center
880 Guy St., Montreal (Quebec) H3J 1T4

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