Eat right!

The team and its mission
The kitchen team strives to serve high quality meals to our residents, planned according to Canada Food Guide standards. The team is made up of a manager, a chef, three assistant-chefs and a kitchen attendant.

The chef and assistants prepare meals carefully and diligently for the Booth Centre residents and staff. They also supervise kitchen staff.

The food services manager is in charge of recruitment and the general supervision of kitchen helpers. These are non-salaried people. One group is made up of residents who are in a motivation-by-participation program.  This program is designed to help the individual return to a healthier way of life by contributing to the Booth Centre community and so gaining self-esteem and a sense of responsibility. A second group is composed of individuals from community and compensatory work programs, as a way of making amends and paying off their debt to society.

The Salvation Army’s Booth Center
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