A great sense of belonging

It is only through the contribution of the staff, their heartfelt commitment and their expertise, that the Booth Centre can reach its goal of working for the good and the success of the residents.

Good communications and prompt handling of complaints strengthen cooperation between management and staff. A major objective is the development of staff so that they may reach their full potential and carry out the organization’s mission. To do so, quality and experience are criteria in the recruitment of new employees and support for current employees is given so that they may maintain and increase their qualifications. Employees in all departments are encouraged to identify in what areas they need further training in order to respond adequately to the needs of the residents.

Examples of further training:

  • HR approach for volunteers
  • Use of office software
  • Oral French
  • Written French
  • Communications and public relations
  • RESO
  • Community-building approach
  • Safety and emergency measures

The stability of our staff has been an important factor in the improvement of services to residents, something that the Centre is proud of. Staff morale is maintained by monthly social activities. These activities allow staff to know each other outside of the formal professional context and learn to appreciate one another in ways other than by the quality of their work.

The Salvation Army’s Booth Center
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