Montreal's The Phare

Montreal’s The Phare, a mission corps (church) of The Salvation Army, is also part of the Booth Centre Community Ministries. It grew out of the chaplaincy department at the Booth Centre and was created to meet the needs of residents, former residents, employees and interested members of the community. It was inaugurated in 2013 as a local church and opened a community centre in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve in 2014.

"The lighthouse mission is to help men to discover and connect to the dreams of God for their lives. We are a Christian community where all are welcome and respected. Our mission is to drive any man to the discovery of a meaningful identity and also to train them so that they can become strong and inspirational leaders."

Services in-house:

Le Phare works with the chaplaincy department of the Booth Centre to assist residents and staff who wish to embark on a Christian spiritual journey or have done so through the in-house local corps (church). It offers:

  • Worship services on Sunday evenings,
  • Course on  Salvation Army soldiership;
  • Spiritual counseling and prayer;
  • Christian discipleship training.

Services to the community
The community centre in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve is linked to the local corps (church) at the Booth Centre. With the help of pastoral care staff and volunteers from the Booth Centre and the community, it offers:

  • A monthly breakfast
  • Twice-monthly food distribution
  • A drop-in centre 2 days a week
  • A weekly evening coffeehouse with a variety of activities (concerts, documentaries, movies, testimonies, etc.)
  • Active listening, counseling, spiritual guidance
  • Referrals to the Booth Centre, Salvation Army centres, and other resources

Le Phare is a means to develop relationships with the community outside the Booth Centre, provide a network for residents and former residents which includes opportunities for volunteer work, offer assistance for the spiritual and social well-being of the residents of the neighbourhood, and develop partnerships with other helping organizations.

Community Ministries Team

  • Capitaine Rock Marcoux, Area Commander and Corps Officer - Le Phare
  • Capitaine Miguel Borgela, Chaplain
  • Harout Tarakjian, Executive director Booth Centre
  • Daniel Bourque, Chaplain and Assistant director of Community Ministries
  • Mélissa Bourque, director of the music service
  • Another Member of the pastoral Committee: M Ducer Kamgang

The Salvation Army’s Booth Center
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